Up until 2013 the name of HOPE587 was AID TO UKRAINE. Ukraine has from the beginning been a country HOPE587 has helped and the work there continues!

There are thousands of vulnerable people in the world who lack social security and basic care. Many people face extremely difficult life situations. The money that is being offered to Ukraine goes to the poor and vulnerable people with disabilities there. They are in a particularly vulnerable situation and in need of help. Your contribution helps HOPE587 to change these people’s future prospects.


AID TO UKRAINE was started in 1999 and was renamed HOPE587 in 2013. During the first years its mission was to help sponsor families in Ukraine. Sponsored families are helped until the children have received an education. There are still active sponsored families who receive help until they reached the educational goal.


Several camps have been conducted both in Hallaryd in Sweden and also in Ukraine. These are and have been for children and young adults from Ukraine who are poor and experience difficult family situations.

A camp is partly about getting help with material needs, but it is not just about that. It is about being part of changing lives for people who are, in different ways, going through heartbreaking situations. At camp children and young adults with disabilities become the center of attention instead of being the one who is hidden, forgotten and despised. Being hugged or patched up when needed, someone reading stories out of the Bible or dancing wheelchair jive, this is what they experience while being at camp. People are there just for them. Through your gift to HOPE587 you contribute to make this possible.

What does your gift do?

Seven times a year we host a special event for approximately one hundred children, where we provide a nice meal, entertainment and gifts.

Each year, approximately one hundred children go on three trips. Furthermore 85 families are visited in their homes, both at Christmas and Easter. In these families there are children or adults who never go outside because of their disability. We present them with food packages and gifts to show them there are people outside their homes that care for them.

Part of our ministry involves equipping individuals who have moderate disabilities with the necessary skills to find employment. To date, through generous donations and volunteer efforts, six people have been helped by this outreach effort.

We provide financial assistance each month, currently to twenty families.

Each week 75 children and their mothers gather for Bible study, food and fellowship. Once a month they get the opportunity to ride the bus to attend New Life church in Kiev. Each day, our assistant Lyudmila Matsliska visits any of the children who are sick, providing them with food and medicine.

Once a year HOPE587 cooperates with Human Bridge to ship 85 cubic meters of humanitarian supplies to the disabled community, within their Ukrainian outreach. This transportation is funded by a local charity in Ukraine. We cooperate with other organizations because we believe that through teamwork we can have a greater impact.

Partners in Ukraine

Oksana Markevych lives in the village Klavdievo. She conveys and supervises the help concerning the sponsor families. Liudmyla Myslisktska and her son Anton live in Kiev. They have been HOPE587’s partners since 1999, working with children and young people who have disabilities. Together with other mothers of children with disabilities Liudmyla founded, in 1989, the organization Cerebral Parales, which today reaches 400 children with functional limitations.