We live in a welfare society in Sweden, but under the surface, there are many needs to respond to and we want to respond to them through TREASURY587.

HOPE587 partners with companies and organizations who contribute clothes, furniture, and other everyday things. These contributions are distributed via our contact people to families and people with financial needs.

There are children in our schools who are cold while playing outside, because they do not have any winter jackets. We can help them by giving them a winter jacket.

Other suggestions on how to give hope, build a community, and send joy is to give a gift card on food for a family.

These are some examples on how we can, together, make a difference in Sweden.

Get involved

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who would like to donate some things or goods? You may be interested to hold a collection box for us at the cash wrap, collect for HOPE587 or promote us on your shopping bags. We welcome all suggestions! Contact us!