The poorest countries are in Africa. Three out of four Africans live on less than two dollars a day. War, corruption and the HIV and AIDS epidemic are some reasons that poverty has increased in several African countries.

Starting the fall of 2013, HOPE587 will to travel to Zambia in Africa to assist the organization CURE.

CURE is a non-profit organization that operates hospitals and programs in 27 countries worldwide where patients experience the life-changing message of God's love for them, receiving surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay.

In rich countries children with cleft lip and palate are operated on early. In developing countries children seldom have surgery due to the lack of both expertise and resources.

Living with these malformations leads to a life of loneliness and social isolation. An operation costs about 200 USD and after the surgery the child is fully recovered. Do you want to help more children get the treatment they so desperately need? Feel free to contribute to HOPE587’s work.

The cause of cleft lip and palate

The cause of cleft lip and palate is unknown. Research suggests that a combination of genetic factors and environmental factors are crucial. One environmental factor may be that the mother is malnourished during the pregnancy.

Consequences for the children

In Africa, children born with clefts or other craniofacial conditions are often plagued with multiple, complex health problems. The children are often malnourished and grow poorly because of their condition. Later they suffer speech development problems. Complications with teeth and ears are also common. To look different often leads to considerable social and psychological problems. Without treatment, the child does not attend school, and the future will be very difficult. Many die because of their condition.