What is HOPE587?

HOPE587 is a nonprofit missionary organisation founded by Anneli Johnsson. HOPE587 works to make life better for children and young people. We believe that one voice makes a difference and that everyone has the potential to create change, big or small. We also work for worldwide respect for children's rights on the basis of the Christian faith – the equal value of all human life and the Bible’s call to help the poor. We work with both one-off projects and long term programs. Most often both lead to a continued improvement and change.

HOPE587 works with social entrepreneurs in Ukraine who care about the rights of children, who are passionate about their ideas and have a heart for those who are affected by poverty and injustice.

Through social campaigns and other activities HOPE587 spread knowledge about poverty and also the Word of God. We advocate commitment at all levels to make the words of Isaiah 58:7 come true – to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor with shelter, to clothe them and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood. In this way HOPE587 also met the aim for the United Nations Children's Fund and its advocacy for children's rights.

HOPE587 started in Sweden in 1999 with focus on aid to Ukraine. In 2013 the work continues in Ukraine, however HOPE587 also expands and simultaneously sends help to the poor and vulnerable in Africa. Sweden is also one of the target countries, aiming to make a difference within the communities reaching out to people in socially vulnerable situations. Together we spread hope in a world full of brokenness.